PwC Centres for Social Impact

Social impact measurement

We need new ways of doing things to create fairer, cohesive communities and a sustainable economy.

Social enterprise combines the passion to solve social and environmental issues with the power of commercial enterprise – creating businesses that are good for the economy, good for people and good for the planet. PwC wants to encourage and learn from the spirit of this new form of innovation.

We’ve created a network of Centres for Social Impact (CSIs) where we can foster social innovation and impact measurement and share our knowledge to accelerate positive change across the UK. Our London CSI is based on the second floor of the Fire Station.

The CSIs are:

  • physical and virtual collaboration spaces
  • venues for delivering our community programmes and supporting social entrepreneurs with coaching, training and events
  • knowledge and resources exchanges, where we can learn and share best practice in maximising and measuring social value

We’ve been sharing our business skills and experience with social entrepreneurs on a volunteering basis for many years. In 2011, we launched a member’s club for social entrepreneurs to offer a wider range of support to organisations who have direct and existing relationships with PwC.

Our client teams have been supporting social enterprise and government to improve the effectiveness, reach and impact of social innovation for over a decade. Clients include central and local government across the UK, public social partnerships and, more recently, private companies seeking to measure the socio-economic impact of their operations.

Now we’re using these skills to measure and boost the impact of our community programmes, and sharing what we learn widely in our Corporate Sustainability ‘Lessons Learned’ articles.

So far, we’ve published two: Impact measurement: getting started describes the benefits and challenges faced by social entrepreneurs tackling social impact measurement for the first time. The business benefits of mentoring social entrepreneurs outlines what our staff get out of the same experience.